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Natural Modern Home Design San Juans


San Juan Island, WA

The rugged topography of the far western side of San Juan Island presented the clients with building challenges. It is a dense, woodsy area, a water-hugging land of mossy, dramatic bluffs and wild forest. The plot was solid rock, high above the water and sloping away from the view. Rather than fight the hillside's awkward formation, they worked with it, envisioning a home tucked against the trees, not entirely visible from the water. 

The tall, multilevel structure leans into the hill and sweeps upward, mimicking the jagged rock formations and facing a dramatic water view. It was important to the clients that the design used only unobtrusive materials and colors that would blend into the natural landscape. All of the shades, textures, hues and shapes in the home are warm and responsive to the landscape. The result is dynamic interior and exterior craftsmanship, with no two pieces of wood the same size, forming open, flowing spaces in organic, sweeping shapes and angles.


Completed: 2002

Category: Natural Modern Home Design San Juan Island, WA