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Sun River Reception

Modern Rustic Luxury Resort Reception Lodge

785 SQ M

In 2017, PBW was asked to design several protypical houses for a resort near Yellow Mountain in China. During the course of that work, the client additionally asked us to design the entry reception building for this luxury resort, requesting the incorporation of the aesthetics of a Pacific Northwest rustic modern lodge.


The program is expansive, including a cafe, several different lounges, a multimedia room, and children's play area overlooking the main lounge in addition to the usual functions of checking in and access to various guest amenities.

The materials are reminiscent of classic Pacific Northwest architecture, including a heavy use of exposed timbers and a stacked stone wall that houses a large central fireplace. On the exterior, an existing lake acts as a focal point and serves as a setting for a large sculptural piece -- based on a traditional dragon boat -- that is also a bridge to an overwater vantage point.