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Mountain Cabin Architecture North Central Washington

1500 SF

This modest cabin, located amid the mountains of north-central Washington state, is situated overlooking the valley floor with expansive views of the surrounding mountain ranges. The house is arranged over two levels: the lower level contains the living room, dining room and kitchen as one large space, while the upper level comprises two bedrooms, baths and utility spaces. The two areas are defined by heavy walls forming two masses, with the entry occupying the sliver of space between. A third volume containing the garage along with the house volumes define the exterior entry courtyard.

There are large outdoor patios on the north, south and west sides with varying levels of roof protection, allowing outdoor use during different seasonal conditions. The shed roofs with cathedral ceilings slope with the contours of the hill to reduce the overall scale and impact of the structure. The house is built from an insulated concrete form system, providing extra thermal protection from the harsh winters as well as from the hot dry summers.