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Green Feature House Remodel

4500 SF

This remodel project focuses on a 1940s Seattle home that was previously remodeled in 1990. The kitchen, garage and basement were all that remained standing after salvage and demolition. The basic layout of the house remained pretty much the same; however, the spaces were opened up to the view and to each other. The entry space was enlarged beyond the existing footprint into the new front courtyard to create a grand entry. A series of concrete walls set up a dialogue at the street level, which leads visitors to the courtyard wall that is both architectural and playful. Punched openings in the massive concrete wall begin to break it down so that the vibrant house beyond peeks through.

Upon entry, the house opens up to the lake views beyond with new lift-slide doors to the dining deck and concrete patio with a gas fire pit. The patio steps down to the swim-spa below with unobstructed views of the lake. A concrete bio-retention planter serves a dual purpose: collecting roof and driveway water runoff and slowly releasing it into the city system. It also acts as a 3' buffer at the pool deck to eliminate the need for a railing that would have blocked the views.

The second floor roof was removed and replaced with an arched roof to raise the interior ceiling height from a cramped 7' to an airy 12'. A pair of balconies was added to the bedrooms, lofted spaces to the kids' bedrooms and a rooftop deck for stargazing. A mother in law suite was also added downstairs with a future kitchenette. The playful remodel gave this family of five all the space they always wanted.