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Sustainable Mountain Home Design Western Montana

4550 SF

Featured in Mountain Living! Located in Western Montana, this 4,550 square foot home with 1,430 square foot detached garage is sited carefully on a property with a creek running through its backyard. The site has many complex design requirements, including a steep slope, riparian area and flood plain. Most of the interior spaces are located on the main floor with only the master suite on the second floor.

The owners wanted a strong connection between inside and out, and although the street side of the house maintains a low profile, the creek side of the house has several indoor outdoor spaces, including the protected backyard and a cantilevered dining deck supported by its own fireplace. There is also a detached garage with a walk-out 'man cave' below that opens up onto the lower level of the site. The home also employs sustainable building strategies like photovoltaic panels and a green roof. Completed as a collaboration between Balance Associates Architects and Studio Zerbey Architecture.