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Natural Modern Cabin Design Mazama

1650 SF

Located in Mazama, Washington, the site was enjoyed for many years as a campground by the family. The design minimizes impact to the environment by raising the residence off the ground with small concrete piers. Accessed by a slightly elevated walk, the entry opens up to a 1 1/2 story living space and kitchen which are anchored by a centrally located fireplace and the stair. Upstairs on the second floor are "tent like" bedrooms -- low walls create a cozy atmosphere. Both ends of the residence have indoor/outdoor spaces. There is also a deck and elevated catwalk that runs between the trees, across a small valley, and empties onto a grassy clearing in the woods.



Awards and Recognition:

Mountain Living Magazine, March/April 2014, "A Light in the Forest" pp. 80-83

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Category: Natural Modern Cabin Design Mazama, WA