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magnolia remodel

Contemporary House Remodel Magnolia

1864 SF

An existing low-slung ranch style house on the southeast slope of the Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle was thoroughly renovated - without changing the footprint. The main form of the house was kept, but modified to enhance interior spaces. The pre-existing low ceilings felt oppressive, so cathedral-type ceilings were achieved by cutting into the attic. Boxes of powder-coated blue steel expand the kitchen and bathrooms, and give exterior harmony to what was a previously very random window pattern. On the East side, an original curved window was replaced with another steel box; gaining space, natural light, and views to Puget Sound.


Completed: 2008

Awards and Recognition: 

Trends, "Clean Lines", Vol. XXV No. 100, 2009

Category: Contemporary House Remodel Magnolia Seattle