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seward park

Modern House Design Seward Park

2523 SF

This Seward Park project is organized into three levels. The lower plan is set into the site and contains a garage and two bedrooms. The main level contains the cooking and living areas of the home and is orientated in an open loft-like floor plan with 12' ceilings throughout. A steel stairway leads up to the master suite. The upper level is set into the roof with cathedral ceilings hovering above a band of horizontal glazing. The bedroom opens out onto the view of the lake with a small balcony.




Awards and Recognition:

AIA Home of the Month, January 2001

The Smaller Home: Creating the Perfect Fit, Dan Sater, Collins Design, 2006

25 Houses Under 3,000 Square Feet, James Grayson Trulove, Collins Design, 2005

Pacific Northwest Magazine, "Topped With a View", Feb. 24, 2002

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