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Weaving Studio

Modern Art Studio Design San Juan Island

1452 SF

The site is a very steep site on the west side of the island, almost solid rock—the only flat or semi flat space is used for access, parking and an existing structure. Given these constraints we explored further up the hill and found a shelf that we could use. The shelf was fortuitously located as to allow us to have some tree cover from the blasting sun of western sunsets in mid-summer while providing mesmerizing views to the Salish Sea, Vancouver Island and  Victoria. Given the site constraints it was important to create access to the site for both construction and for functional use once the building was completed. A series of stairs, steps and switchback inclined paths were worked into the rock face. The 10 foot concrete wall at the base of the stairs becomes the portal of entry and separates the more mundane parking and garage from the adventurous path of the hillside. The concrete wall also counterbalances the adjacent  rock cliffs that that were cut to allow for parking.

The form of the building was dictated by the available space as defined by topography --- we wanted all the rooms to have a direct view but there was not sufficient length available. Therefore a subset building was built behind the main space -- a few steps allow those rooms to look out and over the main room, the green roof of which maintains focus on form and material.  

We wrapped the exterior siding of rough sawn dark stained cedar on the north and south interior walls, then emphasized the main weaving room by recessing its front wall a small amount and cladding it in a contrasting material—painted metal panels.   


Completed: 2010

Awards and Recognition: 

2010 NWAIA Honor Award

Journal of the San Juans, "Prentiss Architects earn top awards for two San Juan Island homes", March 16, 2011

Gray Magazine, "Weaving Spaces", June/July 2013

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