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Bailer hill

Modern Home Design

3612 SF

The small ravine composed of rock and varied grasses is located on the southwest slope of San Juan Island. The sparse tree cover allows for expansive views south over the water to Port Angeles and southwest to Victoria and Port Townsend. The clients have owned and enjoyed this piece of land for many years and expressed the desire for a house connected to the terrain of this site as well as focused out to the view beyond. The program includes a main living space with a reading area, a main suite, guest quarters, an office and two flexible studio spaces. The form is created by a series of directional volumes. Each volume is stacked, oriented to a specific viewpoint, and set to open onto the sod roof of the volume below. Each box in the stack is grounded to the site by cutting into the topography or projecting its perimeter to the ground plane. The effect of the massing is a house that transitions from nesting into the ravine to rising above it. Each linear volume is articulated with similar materials and detailing. The ends of each are large panes of glass with lift-slide doors. The solid side walls are perforated with a varied series of clustered horizontal lites. The large glazed walls create a directional viewpoint focusing the view out, while the perforated side walls bring in light and allow for specific views of the surrounding terrain.