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madison park remodel

Modern Remodel Madison Park

2968 SF

This remodel is perched above a ravine in the Washington Park neighborhood of Seattle.

The main focus of the project was to renovate the south-facing kitchen, a space the clients envisioned as an informal, artistic, healthy environment they would spend a significant amount of time in. The cabinets have been crafted out of bamboo, hand-troweled Milestone covers the main countertop surfaces, and Alkemi (a solid surface material composed of recycled aluminum) adorns the island. The south facing kitchen, with its’ full-height window wall and ridge skylight, floods with light. During the warmer months the room transforms with the wall of folding doors, opening on two sides to extend out into the landscape - one side to the new cantilevered deck, the other to the rear barbeque terrace. In the winter months the two sided gas fireplace lets the room glow with warmth.


Completed: 2008

Category: Modern Remodel Madison Park Seattle