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bear creek

Modern Vacation Home Design

2622 SF

Bear Creek is a family vacation home that sits just below the hill's ridge.  Due to the site's harsh nature of low lying grasses and scrub bushes, the design was meant to provide an oasis in the hot summer months and refuge during the snowy cold winters.  The solid dark wood forms are set within the landscape and meant to evoke a feeling of past agrarian structures.  A partial covered entry that connects house to garage begins to reveal the internal structural elements.  Upon entry the large trusses and steel frame become exposed as you proceed down the stairs into the main living space where windows on all 3 sides provide unobstructed 180 degree views of the surrounding mountains and lake in the valley below.  A sloping concrete retaining wall carves out a screened patio next to the pool and a terraced concrete patio takes advantage of the cover provided from the truss structure above.